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General Repairs

Your garage door is the biggest moving thing you have on your house and probably your main entry into your house. Over time parts do wear out. The most common things are broken springs, broken gears, sprockets, bad hinges/rollers and damaged sections. We carry everything on our trucks to get you up and going again! If you need new springs, cables, operator sprockets, hinges, rollers, a new track, bearings, sections, or weather stripping — let us help!

Broken Springs
Probably the most common thing to break on your garage door and the most dangerous to fix on your own.  We know springs and try to make it a priority to get you fixed the same day.


Automatic Opener

The opener is picking up and closing your door a few or more times today.  Gears and sprockets will wear out, causing the door to not operate properly.  We can help and get that door running smooth again!


Our trucks have all the parts we need to get you going.  Whether its a broken hinge, a worn out roller or frayed cables, we pride ourselves on getting you fixed right away. If its something we have to order, we have sources to get you the part asap.

Garage Door Damagee

Did a vehicle get introduced to the garage door?  When it seems all is lost, don’t fret!  Most of the time when the damage seems extreme, a little time and maybe some parts, can get you door operating again!


The choices you have when choosing a new garage door or automatic opener, have never been greater.  Let us show you our samples and brochures to make deciding a little bit easier.  Free estimates and no bull!

Garage Doors

What is nice, is having choices.  We have several brands of garage doors we sell.  Every brand has something the other doesn’t offer, so getting what you want makes it easy!

Automatic Openers

Since we first started in the garage door business, Liftmaster openers have been our go to brand and still are today.  With updated technology and helpful features, a new automatic opener gives you piece of mind!  We also sell Linear and Hormann brand openers.


Need a new keypad or a pair of new remotes, we got you covered!  Want a quieter door?- ask us about our premium ball bearing rollers.  Decorative hardware to being able to use your smartphone to operate your door, call us!

Storage Unit Doors Installation & Maintenance

At Renner Garage Doors we do storage unit roll-up doors as well.  We sell Janus International brand roll-up doors.  They have a large selection of models, colors and sizes to choose from.  So if you’re needing a roll-up door for the backyard shed or have a storage unit project in the works, Renner can help!

The leading global provider of self-storage and commercial industrial doors


You can save money by having your garage door regularly serviced.  This includes a thorough inspection, lubrication of the major moving parts and door/operator adjustments.   Make your garage door/ operator smooth and quiet again!  Best of all, you can avoid a costly repair or replacement by having us maintain your garage door for you, all at a fantastic price!

Torsion Springs

Over time the springs on your garage door loses tension, let us come out and add some tension.  A properly balanced garage door will prolong the life of the opener and door itself.

Garage Door Service

Our techs do a thorough  job inspecting and adjusting your garage door.  Let a trained eye see a bad roller, frayed cable or a unlevel door or track.  We know doors and can make your door safe and run better than ever.  We use a high quality lubricate and spray the parts that make the door run smooth and quiet.

Automatic Openers

Openers need attention too, a belt or chain that needs tightened can make all the difference.  The upmost important thing, is making sure your door is safe.  We check all of the safety features and make sure they are doing there job!

Custom Garage Options

Opening are not always a standard size.  Whatever the size we can find or make a door to fit.  We also do garage door shelving here and there, we use recycled garage door sections.  They work great!

Custom garage doors

We can handle odd size garage doors, small or big.  If we have to cut it or build it, we can do it.


Sometimes the opening needs some frame work done, in order to put a door  in.  With some lumber and carpentry skills we can put a door in about any opening.


Recycled garage door sections work well if you are after some garage shelving.  We use steel back sections to the give the shelves the most support.

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